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Using Typora with Grav


Because Grav is the CMS behind this blog, I’m always looking for tools that work well with it. Grav’s Admin plug-in has a more-than-passable plain-text editor and my web IDE, PhpStorm, has a not-so-good Markdown editor. So, if I wanted a first-class Markdown writing experience, what would be the “best” Mac tool for the job?

It turns out that there are a whole bunch of Markdown editing apps for the Mac, many with iOS versions as well. They share a number of features in common, most notably live previews of the rendered HTML. But Typora has a little something extra — it shows Markdown as WYSIWIG.

More Camera System Compromises


Continuing, somewhat later, the discussion of compromises in the choice one makes for their camera gear, I find myself reversing course and finding that some compromises are just better than others.

The case in point, for this article, is image stabilization. Can image stabilization beat fast lenses and good high ISO performance?

Camera System Compromises


Any choice in photography involves compromise. That includes one’s selection of a camera system. dSLRs “do it all” while cell phone cameras can be everywhere you are. But there are trade-offs to make not matter which way you go.

Camera decisions often involve evaluating such characteristics as image quality, equipment size and weight, lens selection, auto-focus performance, image resolution, accessory availability, overall camera responsiveness and handling (ergonomics).

Text Editor Conundrum


So many programmers’ text editors… I know; a first-class problem. But still, I waste too much time jumping from one to the other looking for the “best” text editor for me.

First it’s good old TextMate and then it’s high-powered Sublime Text; but what about the up-and-coming Atom? And aren’t the “real” IDEs such as Coda and PhpStorm the true answer for the developer?

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