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PHPloy Deploys


Like many web developers, I work on a local, development server and then deploy changes to a remote, staging server for testing. Once that passes and is ready for publishing, I deploy to a remote, production server. Nothing interesting here, really.

There are many, many ways to accomplish that. Here’s what I’m using and I like.

Lightroom CC After Aperture


With the demise of Aperture, and my resulting transition to Lightroom, I was looking forward to the next update to Lightroom since it had been two years since the last. As an Aperture user, I’ve been pretty familiar, unfortunately, with long delays between updates. And I was hoping the time spent had resulted in some big changes.

And the answer, like so many answers, turned out to be yes and no. I did not expect Lightroom’s basic approach to change at all, even though I’ve written several times about where I like to see fundamental change: DAM features, Another Run With Lightroom and Lightroom’s Non-Mac Interface. But I had expected something a little bigger.

Let’s not go there yet; let’s look at the good stuff that has come to Lightroom first. I’m writing about Lightroom CC, as opposed to Lightroom 6, but they are almost exactly the same, for now.

TextMate’s Not Dead Yet


Who in the Macintosh coding community has not heard of TextMate? And who is not aware that the long-awaited TextMate 2 has been out as an open-source beta for some time now? Probably no one.

The truth, at least for me, is that TextMate 2 is a fine coder’s editor right now, in its beta form. It does have a few awkward spots and some features still to be added, but it’s stable and very capable. And considering that the choices for powerful Mac-like editors are few, I’m warming back up to the idea of using it for my full-time editor.

PhpStorm Is Powerful, Not Pretty


I’m writing about web development tools again instead of about new uses for those tools or about photography. That is, I suppose, because I’ve been working more with the tools to make small changes to this site, and I haven’t been taking near enough pictures.

The taking pictures part should get better soon, because I’m making a trip to Cozumel for Carnival in a few weeks. We go every year. And there are great photos to be had of the elaborate costumes.

But for now, this is about PhpStorm, the PHP IDE (Integrated Development Environment) from JetBrains. You know I still love Coda, but even with all its features, it can’t really be called an IDE. PhpStorm (why is it not spelled PHPStorm?) is no pretender.

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