About Chocolat…

Coda LogoThe Macintosh land­scape for the powerful text editors needed by web devel­opers is a mess. And choosing one has impli­ca­tions for both produc­tivity and conve­nience. Some devel­opers would rather use an IDE rather than a stand-alone text editor, as I often do. My IDE of choice is Coda by Panic Software for lots of reasons that aren’t important here. I want to talk about just text editors.

What’s Important In A Text Editor?

That’s a question with no universal answer. Each developer has their own prior­ities and pref­er­ences. The good news is that each developer can make his or her own choices because the file format is perfectly inter­changeable between other text editors, other oper­ating systems, and even IDEs.

For me there are a few things that make or break a text editor. The first is a support system. That can be in a formal way from the editor’s developer or in a more community based way, probably on forums (either the developer’s own forum, or general forums such as Stack Overflow). If I’m having a problem with my editor while devel­oping a project, the last thing I want to do is to take time away to debug my editor. I need to know that if I have a problem, I won’t have to waste time with fixing the tool. [Continue Reading]

Perch: The Not So Small CMS

Perch LogoI’ve been exper­i­menting with the Perch CMS lately. My quest for the “just right” CMS seems to be never-ending as I’ve worked my way though Kirby, SilverStripe, concrete5 and back to WordPress over the last year or so. I suppose I’m looking for the right mix of “fun to work in,” flexible and powerful.

This will not be a formal review of the product, but I do want to high­light a couple of the features of Perch that stand out to me.

Clean Code

Unlike many CMSs, Perch does not generate code of its own (with the exception noted later). Instead, you use all of your own markup and simply insert Perch’s template tags (HTML) or page tags (PHP) where you want some­thing from Perch to go.

That means Perch works with your code style, you don’t have to work with Perch’s. You create CSS classes named as you’d like. And you write your HTML markup in whatever way suits you. If you have CSS frame­works or PHP code libraries to support your design, go right ahead and use them as if there were no Perch. It doesn’t care. [Continue Reading]

From Epson to Canon

Epson 3880

I have been using Epson inkjet photo printers since I started out with inkjet photo printing. So it gives me no joy to report that I have replaced my Epson 3880 with a Canon PRO-1. All my Epson printers have suffered from clogged nozzles from time … [Continue reading]