Bob Rockefeller Photography

Camera System Compromises


Any choice in photography involves compromise. That includes one’s selection of a camera system. dSLRs “do it all” while cell phone cameras can be everywhere you are. But there are trade-offs to make.

Camera decisions often involve evaluating such characteristics as image quality, equipment size and weight, lens selection, auto-focus performance, image resolution, accessory availability, overall camera responsiveness and handling (ergonomics).

Text Editor Conundrum


So many programmers’ text editors… I know; a first-class problem. But still, I waste too much time jumping from one to the other looking for the “best” text editor for me.

First it’s good old TextMate and then it’s high-powered Sublime Text; but what about the up-and-coming Atom? And aren’t the “real” IDEs such as Coda and PhpStorm the true answer for the developer?

Atom and Brackets Are Similar


Brackets (backed by Adobe) and Atom (backed by GitHub), are two open-source code editors vying for the spot that Sublime Text is leaving in the market due to its glacial development rate.

And they are both interesting in that each uses traditional web development languages (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) to both create the interface, and to provide an API for developers to use to customize. Do you need to modify or create a syntax color scheme? CSS. Do you care to create a plug-in? JavaScript. Use the languages you already know as a web developer.

PHPloy Deploys


Like many web developers, I work on a local, development server and then deploy changes to a remote, staging server for testing. Once that passes and is ready for publishing, I deploy to a remote, production server. Nothing interesting here, really.

There are many, many ways to accomplish that. Here’s what I’m using and I like.

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